Now that you have your new pup, lets talk about keeping them safe! Puppies are very curious and sometimes it may seem like it is impossible to keep them from getting into trouble. Here are some tips and reminders to keep your pup safe!

1.) Kennel: I know you may feel bad putting your pup in a kennel, especially if they are looking at you with that sad puppy dog face, but this is one of the best ways to avoid problems. Believe it or not most animals like to have their own space. It can help them feel safe and secure when you are not there. At first they may be scared and not want to be in the kennel. This is where positive reinforcement will come in handy! Start by giving them a treat whenever you put them in the kennel. This should help them think of the kennel in a more positive way. There are a lot of videos and sources online to help you get your pup comfortable in their new space as well!

2.) Wires: Make sure all wires are put away and out of reach! Keeping them behind furniture is always a good way of preventing any chewing.

3.) Heat: This is huge with French bulldogs!!! Make sure they don’t get over heated. Since Frenchies have a brachycephalic face (smushed) it makes it harder for them to breathe so they can over heated very quickly. So make sure they are drinking a lot of water. Never throw cold water on a over heating dog! I can make their body go into shock. Instead sprinkle cool water over their nose. One way I keep my Frenchie cool on long walks or at the dog park is a cooling bandana. I get mine from FrenchieBulldog. I will put a link below!

4.) Dog Park: Make sure you do not bring your pup to the dog park before they have had all of their puppy shots!

5.) Toxic foods/plants: Unfortunately there are a ton of foods dogs cannot eat as well as plants that can be toxic to dogs. Some of these foods and plants I will list below but there are more so always research if a food or plant is safe for your pup!

Toxic foods:

  • Alcohol
  • Chocolate
  • Grapes
  • Some nuts ( can cause stomach or pancreas problems)
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Too much salty snacks
  • Some essential oils (I wanted to list this to because there are a lot of essential oils that can be harmful to dogs. Always dilute the oil if you are going to use it and research if it is safe)

Toxic plants:

  • Autumn crocus
  • Azalea
  • Cylcamen
  • Kalanchoe
  • Lilies
  • Oleander
  • Daffodils
  • Tulips
  • and more!

If you ever have any questions about things that may be potently harmful to your dog the ASPCA website is a great reference!

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