The Enhanced Pet Bowl:

About the bowl:

The enhanced pet bowl is a stainless steel food or water bowl designed to help animals eat and digest their food more easily and with less mess. The makers of enhanced pet bowl even had it clinically tested by Gregg Animal Hospital in La Habra California. The enhanced pet website has a video that talks about the clinical study. Below I will summarize their findings.

Enhanced Pet Bowl Size Small

Clinical test:

The clinic tested the Enhanced Pet Bowl – Stainless Steel – Small for less mess, less gas, better digestion, promotion of chewing, and reduction of vomiting. They performed these trails on mainly brachycephalic faced dogs and cats. Dr. Jack Gregg DVM claimed that it “tends to slow down eating and makes it easier to get to their food”. He also said that he had positive feedback form his clientele on the bowl. Dr. Dan Wilson DVM talked about the bowl helping one of their test subjects with vomiting after eating their food. He claimed that after using the bowl the dog had not thrown up a single time and that it helped with the dog’s gas as well. He said that they cannot say that it will help every dog that has vomiting but in this case it did help the dog being studied. This veterinarian even went as far as to test the bowl on his own pugs who struggled with gas and vomiting. He claimed that this bowl “virtually eliminated these problems”. Finally, the clinic claimed that there was less mess from these bowls when compared to a regular bowl when tested.

My review:

So far this bowl sounds great, right? Well, I decided to try the bowl on my own French bulldog to see if it actually helps. My French bulldog, Saylor, takes in too much air while eating as well as has a problem eating too fast. This causes her to make a hacking sound every now and then while eating and causes her to have a lot of gas. I ordered the stainless steel version in a size small because that is the size that they recommended for the French bulldog. First off, I was very impressed by the company getting their bowl clinically tested. I think that research is the best way to make an informed decision about a product. Not only to make sure that a product is safe but, to prove that there are actual results. In this case the veterinarians showed positive results and even recommended trying the product! After a few days of using this bowl with my own dog I found that she was not making the hacking sound as much and she was eating a little bit slower than a regular bowl. Saylor normally uses a slow feeder bowl because she eats too quickly but, it can also cause her to take in too much air. I didn’t find that she ate too quickly with the enhance pet bowl, which surprised me. The bowl also allowed her to eat her food more easily by going up the slope and into her mouth. I did notice that she was chewing her food more with this bowl that she did with the slow feeder bowl. I would not recommend putting more than 1/3 cup of food at a time in the bowl if you order the small (size recommended for French bulldogs) because I did notice her making the hacking sound more if I did this from eating too fast. I also noticed that she had less gas but she still had some.


Over all I would say that this bowl has worked the best for my French bulldog out of all of the bowls that I have tried. I would recommend giving this bowl a try if you have a brachycephalic dog or cat at home. It is always important for your pet to have healthy digestion so try a few different bowls and find what works best for your pup! I will put a video of Saylor eating out of the bowl as well as a link to the food that I use below if you want to see how it works for her!

Enhanced Pet Bowl – Stainless Steel – Small

Saylor eating out of enhanced pet bowl size small

Which food do I use? Click below.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Dog Food – Natural Dry Dog Food for Adult Dogs – Chicken and Brown Rice – 30 lb. Bag


“Dog Feeding Bowl and Dog Bowl.” Enhanced Pet Products,


This is my honest review of enhanced pet bowl and what I discovered when my French bulldog used it. All of the research that I gathered was from the enhanced pet website.

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